This is Fr. Chad Wahl.

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Spark to ignite their Love for Christ!

Fr. Chad Wahl LC, 31, was born in Zanesville, Ohio. He has two brothers: Rob and Aaron.

The family belonged to St. Nicholas parish, where Fr. Chad attended elementary school. Fr. Chad was active in his parish, being a lector for Masses and helping to direct the children’s Masses as well. He received first communion, first reconciliation and confirmation at St Nicholas. His family still is faithful and active parishioners there.

Fr. Chad attended Bishop Rosecrans High School, graduating in 1993. After high school, he began his studies in fine arts, majoring in graphic design and ceramics. He studied for two years at Ohio University until he entered the Legionary seminary in Cheshire, Connecticut.

“After seven years of running away from the priesthood, I finally gave God a sincere moment of openness,” Fr. Chad said. “In that brief moment of generosity, Christ snuck in and stole away with my heart. I have never looked back since –and I never will. My only regret is that I wish I would have had the courage to respond to God’s call sooner.”

Fr. Chad earned a degree in philosophy and theology at the Regina Apostolorum University in Rome. He has been studying for the priesthood for the past eleven years – a typical term of formation for a Legionary.

“My years of formation flew by in an instance,” he said. “They have been wonderful moments that I will always cherish and carry with me for my entire priesthood.”

Fr. Chad has worked in youth ministry in several areas of the United States.

“I truly enjoy working with the youth, especially bringing to them the great gift of faith in Christ,” he said. “I firmly believe that if we form an entire generation of youth to love Christ passionately, then this world will be changed in a heartbeat. I hope that God will use me to be the spark that ignites their love.”

Fr. Chad’s parents, Robert Loyd and Mary Judith Wahl, live in Gratiot, Ohio